Low Cost Simple Archiving, Search and Retrieval from BasicArchive

Did you know all organisations should archive their emails for up to 7 years as a matter of good business practice. With BasicArchive there is now a product which is both simple to use and affordable whatever size your organisation.


- Have you ever lost an email?

- Have you ever sent a contract via email?

- Do you discuss personnel matters via email?

- Do you place or receive orders via email?

- Have any of your employees ever misused the company email system?

- Has your company ever been involved in an '-ism' case?



If the answer to any of those questions is yes then BasicArchive may be the product for you.


BasicArchive can store all your emails & even mobile phone calls in a secure archive. You can search the archive and find any email or phone conversation within a second or two, even if it was created years ago.


BasicArchive can protect the future of your business whilst improving your employee’s productivity.


BasicArchive is simple and cost effective archiving from 99p per user per month. Sign up takes minutes.