Does the solution delete my emails after it moves them into the BasicArchive?


No, we take a copy of the email on its journey to the end user and send the original on its way to the intended recipient, the copy is moved into the BasicArchive.


How does BasicArchive save me time and make my employees more efficient?


If you try to find an old email in your current email service it will most likely take you a few minutes, if that email is over 6 months old the chances are it is no longer in your mail client and will take a lot longer and may require the help of your IT department. With BasicArchive you can find any email you have ever sent or received within a second or two. 


How can I find things in the archive?


BasicArchive comes with an easy to use search interface which looks and feels very like Microsoft Outlook. You can search by date, sender, recipient, key words and attachments, once you have found what you are looking for you can reply or forward to it straight from the archive.


What if an employee leaves the company can I still see his emails?


Yes, we can grant access to either new employees or another nominated employee to ensure the archive remains full and intact.


How does BasicArchive help me become compliant?


BasicArchive stores all emails in their 'flight path' that means they are stored before the end user sees them and therefore has the chance to alter them. We also forensically seal the archive so we can prove the emails in the archive are exact replication of the emails which were sent or received.


Why is BasicArchive better than finding my emails in my current email client?


BasicArchive uses 11 years of email archiving experience to provide unrivalled search speeds for finding old emails. An end user can find an old email very quickly and process it straight from the archive. There is no need to remember which folder you may have stored and email in, one can find that email in a matter of seconds.